12 Blog Topics So Hot They’ll Set Your Idea-Parched Brain on Fire

Why can't I think of anything to write about for my blog? And why am I butt-naked in this park?

The Blogger: Why can't I think of anything to write about for my blog? And why am I sitting butt-naked in this park? I could get arrested for this.

Many bloggers desperately hunt for blogging topics for their blogs, maybe because they use pseudo-words like “bloggers,” “blogging” and “blogs” too  much and clutter up their brains with useless bloggity thoughts. I don’t have that problem, thankfully, and because I’m a helpful guy, here are 12 super-hot blog topics I thought of over the weekend. They’re royalty-free, so feel free to use them, and let me know how they work for your blog. And if you have any original blogging ideas you’re not jealously guarding, please share them with the rest of us here in the comments.

1. If God loves us, why does He allow pain and suffering in the world, not to mention Jehovah’s Witnesses?

2. How can we be expected to decide between right and wrong when we can’t even decide what to have for dinner?

3. Darwin vs. Creationists: Are humans really descended from apes, or just some humans, like the moron who works in the office next to mine? He’s always picking things out of the hair on his back, plus he eats an awful lot of bananas and grunts more than I think he should.

4. What’s the meaning of life? Is blogging, watching television and falling asleep on the bus every morning and afternoon on the way to and from work really all there is?

5. Is it truly worthwhile for mankind to spend billions of dollars exploring the universe when most of us can’t even find our way around the city without a Garmin GPS unit?

6. If we discover life on other planets, will I have more friends and fans, or will it just make traffic on the highway that much worse?

7. Are the rich obligated to help the poor, and if I ever get rich, will I treat poor people with respect, or with even more disdain than I do now?

8. Is there life after death, and, if there is, will I have to put up with the same assholes I do now for the rest of eternity?

9. Is time travel possible, and if it is, can I go back to high school to punch that arrogant quarterback Tyler Johnson in the nose and steal a passionate French kiss from his hot girlfriend, popping back into the present before he has time to respond?

10. Are moral values relative or absolute, absolutely relative, or relatively absolute? Most importantly, what does the IRS auditor who’s coming over to the house next Thursday to look over my 2009 tax return think about it?

11. What happens to our souls when we die? Do they ascend to Heaven? Descend to Hell? Are they recycled like aluminum beer cans, or are they auctioned off to the highest bidder, like pappy’s belongings were when he passed on? Or do they simply evaporate into the blogosphere without anybody noticing, like everything I write?

12. Will scientists’ attempts to create artificial intelligence help solve the world’s problems, or merely lead to the development of very sophisticated sex dolls?

I hope you like these ideas. And come on, folks, I know you’ve got ideas of your own. Share your rousing blog topics with the rest of us!

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21 thoughts on “12 Blog Topics So Hot They’ll Set Your Idea-Parched Brain on Fire

  1. Mike, is this the dealio you were talking about? I may take advantage of this. I have something a big bigger in the works right now, but I do need to post something this week…

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  4. Wow! I had been searching for some topics like these since a very long time. And I am glad that my search is ending here. I am definitely going to work on these topics.
    Thank you

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