30 Days of Photographs III: Outtakes


I wanted to use this one for Underwater. But I took it about two days before the deadline, and Ziva threatened to out me.

It is, as Ziva said, a typical MikeWJ photo, by which I assume she means it’s dull and expected, as opposed to, say, brilliant and creative. I admit it’s dimly lit, oddly angled, a bit blurry, and a little weird. But in its defense, it wasn’t Photoshopped in any way. In fact, it may be my favorite photo of the last year or so — nude self-portraits excepted, of course — and as is the case with about half the photos I took for the challenge, I made it with my iPhone.


This is my favorite photo of everything I specifically made for the challenge, mostly because of the composition and the priceless look of skeptical acceptance on the woman’s face, which reminds me of the look on my wife’s face on our wedding night and every night since then. I meant to use it for Fast. But it didn’t tell the whole story of what was going on at this arcade derby game — no people, no skeeballs, not much to give you an idea of what it’s about. So I went with a similar photo that did.



For a guy who claims to be non-sentimental, even callous, I had a surprising number of shots for Autumn. I must have been very, very drunk this month. I like the top one because it’s so….well, so dark and pretty. I like dark. The second is one my personal favorites — very different from my normal sort of thing — because I started thinking about what I like about autumn trees and realized it isn’t just what you see in the usual photographs of individual leaves or seas of colorful forests, but the overall impression of the blended colors against the sky. So I experimented with photographic expressionism, deliberately knocking everything fuzzy. It’s hard to look at, in a way, but captures what I feel, and it’s really bright. I’m not that fond of bright.


I love this photo, mostly because I love the rain — we don’t get a lot of it here — but partly because it’s so lively looking yet lonely, like me. It might’ve been good for The City, but I thought the long-distance view of Denver I eventually chose was better.


And yeah, that’s me. Not much good to see here. I’d move on, if I were you.


For more Outtakes, please visit the amazing, world-renowned Ziva at Ziva’s Inferno.

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12 thoughts on “30 Days of Photographs III: Outtakes

  1. Being a fisherperson and all…I loved the first one…it actually has that eerie underwater glow to it. You actually take the kind of photos I would love to become adept at…real life…moving….flowing…dark…I love dark also…I always wanted to live in Washington State instead of sunny Florida…but then…I would miss seeing the monkeys at the Monkey Bar…no really…not because I have ‘blacked out’…you can sit on the deck and it overlooks the Homosassa River where there is an island where several monkeys live…amazing right…monkeys in Florida. Anyway….loved…loved..loved your contributions and your down right funny sense of humor during this challenge!!

  2. Mike, you little idiot, a typical MikeWJ photo is not dull and expected at all, it’s anything but. It’s a little odd, makes you think.. It’s dark, but the play on light and shadows is masterful. Often, it has a warm glow about it, welcoming you to take a second look, even if it’s a photo of a gross fish. It’s a photo that you notice, you can’t help it. I love typical MikeWJ photos. I think the dark leaves is one, too.

    Actually, I think all of these photos are amazing. The composition of the skeeball photo and the rainy city photo is just flawless, and the blurry leaves photo looks like a Monet painting. Also? That’s a really nice photo of you. πŸ™‚

  3. See? And you knocked me for my heart shaped leaves photo, when in fact Autumn has a dark undercurrent of doom beneath it’s pretty leaves and such.

    Great shots, but the theater one really amazing.

  4. They are all brilliant pictures. Nicely done. I had to stare at the fish for a bit because it appears as though there is a jam tart in its mouth.

  5. Your pictures are always intriguing … Even the ones that make me scratch my head. Which beats scratching my ass, which is what I do most of the day… What kind of pictures do you take after you have had a lot of alcohol?

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